Modern trains on postage stamps promoting ecological railways


"Modern rolling stock" is a set of 5 postage stamps issued by Poczta Polska on Wednesday, March 31. The set was created in cooperation with the Office of Rail Transport. This event coincides with the designation by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU of 2021 as the European Year of Rail. Issuing this new stamp series is an opportunity to promote railways as an ecological and modern mode of transport and to mark a beginning of EUYearofRail in Poland.

  • Znaczki nowoczesny tabor. Na znaczkach zespoły Flirt i Elf II
  • Na zdjęciu zespół Impuls i lokomotywa Pt31
  • wszystkie znaczki z serii "Nowoczesny Tabor"
  • Envelope
  • Datownik pierwszego dnia obiegu
    Post mark

The author of the stamp series, Jan Konarzewski, presented modern electric rail vehicles used in Poland by the largest carriers - PKP Intercity, Polregio and Koleje Mazowieckie. The following train sets were presented on stamps: Pendolino, Flirt, Dart, Impuls and Elf II, and a historical steam locomotive. Poczta Polska also issued 3 limited FDC envelopes (first day cover) with railway bridges graphics.

- Every year, Polish rolling stock is more modern and safer. Poczta Polska recognizes this and, together with the Office of Rail Transport, presents rail vehicles on 5 stamps, promoting not only the safest, but also one of the most ecological modes of transport. A philatelic curiosity is the Pt31 steam locomotive which is synonymous with modern Polish railways in the 1930s – comments Wiesław Włodek, Vice President of Poczta Polska.

The latest issue of Poczta Polska is a response to growing demand for railway stamps among philatelists. It is also an opportunity to promote ecological modes of transport - the “Green Post” is one of key goals of the latest strategy of the company.

On Monday, March 29, the EUYearofRail was officially launched by the European Commission and the Portuguese Presidency. Throughout 2021 a variety of rail-related events will take place to promote rail transport as a smart and green mode of travel. The coordinator of national events during the EQ2021 is the President of the Office of Rail Transport. In Poland, the symbolic beginning of the EUYearofRail is the issue of postage stamps with modern rolling stock.

- I am glad that we encouraged Poczta Polska to issue this set of stamps. Railways are an important part of the life and economy of any country. Its potential and ecological character should always be emphasized. The European Year of Rail is an impulse to promote rail transport as a safe and ecological mode of transport that connects people and regions - says Ignacy Góry, President of the Office of Rail Transport.

As a bonus to the series Poczta Polska will issue in addition to standard stamps with perforation (125 thous. each) non-perforated items (10 thous. each).

This new series is not the first issue of Poczta Polska related to railways. In 2018 the company issued postage stamps "100 years of the locomotive depot in Kędzierzyn-Koźle" with the Ty42-107 and TKt48 locomotives.

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