Intermodal transport in Q1 2020


In Q1 of this year 5.4 million tonnes of goods were transported by intermodal mode. Such a high result has been noted for the first time. For years one could have observed a steady rise in the number of transported units. In Q1 2020 all parametres rose in comparison to the corresponding period of last year.

Since January through March railway carriers transported almost 383 thousand units, what amounted to almost 593,000 TEU. In comparison to the corresponding period of last year the number rose by 11.8% (in TEU by 15.6%).

Total transported mass in intermodal mode in Q1 amounted to more than 5.4 million tonnes, and transfer service - to almost 1.7 billion tonne-kilometres. This meant a rise by 16.9% and 3.7% in comparison to Q1 2019. The share of intermodal transfers in the railway market reached the level of 10% (mass) and 14% (transfer service).

- The intermodal transport market has been steadily rising, and data for Q1 2020 supports that trend. In spite of many restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic one can observe the rise of all parametres - sums up Mr. Ignacy Góra, Ph.D., the President of the Office of Rail Transport. - In order to achieve further development it is essential to proceed with thought-out actions with regard to expansion and modernisation of infrastructure. Efficient connections, ensuring effective use of rolling stock and prompt transport service may significantly influence the image of railways as means alternative to road transport at longer distances - comments Mr. Góra.

17 licensed carriers offered railway intermodal transfers in Q1 2020.

Newest quarterly data on intermodal railway transfers may be found on the Office's website under this link (Polish version only).

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