Licensing of operators

Business activities based on the provision of passenger or freight transport services by rail or the provision of traction services are subject to licensing.

Rail transport licensing is designed to ensure that the rights of access to the rail transport market are applied on an uniform basis and in an non-discriminatory manner to businesses that wish to provide passenger, freight or traction services on the market.

In order to ensure that these services are provided correctly and to protect customers and third parties, it is necessary to ensure that railway undertakings always meet the requirements of:

  • good standing,
  • financial credibility,
  • professional competence,
  • having rolling stock at their disposal,
  • third party liability.

 The main tasks of the Office of Rail Transport in the field of licensing include:

  1. To conduct proceedings in:
  • granting or refusing to grant licences,
  • granting or refusing to grant temporary licences,
  • amending licences,
  • suspending licences,
  • revoking licences,
  • resubmitting licences for approval.
  1. To assess documents appended to applications for licences against formal/legal, content-related and economic requirements to provide updated and accurate information on the applicant, necessary for the President of UTK to make a decision on granting or refusing to grant a licence or a temporary licence.
  2. To provide information and guidance to applicants who apply for licences, in order to adjust and amend any submitted documents to make them comply with the applicable legal regulations.
  3. To consider complaints from railway undertakings connected with licensing.
  4. To assess documents concerning licence amendment, suspension, revoking or resubmitting for approval, against any formal/legal, content-related and economic requirements.
  5. To work with the EC and ERA to share information on rail licensing, including licence notification.
  6. To cooperate in the control of railway undertakings, undertaken by field branches in order to confirm that RUs comply with licence conditions. 

List of licensed passenger and freight railway operators and the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/171 can be found below.


For any details concerning conditions for obtaining license for railway operator and costs related with this process, please contact:

Railway Market Regulation Department

Phone: +48 22 749 1550

Fax: +48 22 749 1401


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