Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring Working Group

Rail market monitoring is an important instrument for setting direction to the activities of the Regulatory Bodies and stimulating market participants to improve their activities.

Regulatory Bodies have a formal duty to monitor competition in rail services markets, and in particular the rail transport market pursuant to article 10 of Directive 2001/12/EC. In addition, the First Package Recast proposal provides for increased reporting activities at both the European and national level. At the same time, the European Commission monitors the development of the rail market in Europe through its rail market monitoring reports every two years.

Cooperation of Regulatory Bodies on market monitoring is aimed at increasing comparability of national rail monitors, enhancing national monitoring by sharing experiences, and increasing knowledge of the European rail market by discussing the implications of new data on the market. The Working Group aims to collect further data on international train movements.

In 2011 the IRG-Rail developed a common list of indicators to produce an IRG-Rail market monitor. Regulatory Bodies represented in this working group will use this list of indicators in their national monitoring activities. Currently data was received from 18 countries.

The working group will:

  • finish the first annual IRG-Rail market monitoring report in 2013
  • prepare a second market monitoring report
  • seek to harmonise approaches to domestic market monitoring in suitable areas
  • develop further the set of common indicators, including developing a common approach on indicators for Rail Related Services (RRS) and explore indicators to define international train movements
  • explore statistical and econometrical analysis of the performance of the infrastructure manager 
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