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Safety, interoperability, market regulation and passenger rights
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Office of Rail Transport

Welcome to the English version of the Polish Office of Rail Transport website

You can find the basic information about the Office of Rail Transport and its tasks in four main areas:

  • passenger rights
  • railway market regulation
  • railway transport safety
  • technical coherence of the railway system.

Urząd Transportu Kolejowego (The Office of Rail Transport) was established on 1 June 2003 on the basis of the Railway Transport Act, using the structures of the former Chief Railway Inspectorate (GIK). Over the years of its existence, the scope of the Office’s activity was gradually extended. Initially, the Office was responsible for supervision over the railway sector’s safety and technical coherence. Then, the UTK was entrusted with tasks of the railway market regulator and finally also tasks in the field of supervision over observance of passenger rights in railway transport.

Currently, as required by Community laws relevant to the railway sector, the Office of Rail Transport performs three key functions on the domestic railway market:

  • National Safety Authority (Directive 2004/49/EC)
  • National Regulatory Body (Directive 2001/14/EC)
  • National Enforcement Body for Passenger Rights (Regulation 1371/2007)

The Office discharges both tasks provided for in Community laws and a number of tasks resulting exclusively from national laws. 

The basic instrument which regulates the operation of the railway transport sector in Poland is the Railway Transport Act (Polish official gazette Dziennik Ustaw 2003, No. 86 item 789 as amended). Consolidated text of the Act in Polish is available here.


General contact information:

Urząd Transportu Kolejowego (UTK)

Al. Jerozolimskie 134

02-305 Warszawa


tel.: +48 22 749 14 00

fax.: +48 22 749 14 01

Office hours:

Monday - Friday: 815 - 1615




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